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WI SHRM State Council Receives Distinguished Award

    The Society for Human Resource Management has awarded the WI SHRM State Council, the EXCEL Platinum Award for 2012. 

    The SHRM Affiliate Program for Excellence (SHAPE) has been designed to ensure a strong connection between SHRM and its affiliated chapters from a business perspective.  In addition to clearly outlining the requirements to measure state alignment and engagement with SHRM’s overall objectives, SHAPE focuses on activities and initiatives which are more strategic in nature.  These efforts allow each affiliated state council to increase its viability and effectiveness, as well as promote the HR profession at the local level.  Additionally, this program was designed to enhance the business acumen of local volunteer leaders! This program raises the bar of excellence for affiliates and introduces the EXCEL Awards – a tiered recognition and awards system.

    “This recognition is a distinct indication of the state councils’s successful partnership with SHRM to serve the networking and professional development needs of human resource professionals and to the advancement of the human resources profession” noted J. Robert Carr, Senior Vice President, Membership, Marketing & External Affairs for SHRM.

    The WI SHRM State Council sponsors several conferences and events including the annual State, Legislative and HR student conferences each year.

    Under the leadership of State Director, Kellie Dunn-Poggemann, SPHR, the Council focused on additional strategic iniatives for 2012 including membership growth and enhancing collaborative business partnerships.

    Two notable partnerships in 2012 include 1) the WI SHRM Non-Profit Mentor Program supported by the J.J. Keller Foundation, Inc.  This year long educational program allowed 39 non-profit executive directors from organizations across WI to gain valuable HR knowledge by attending state and local human resources programs and interacting with WI SHRM members to collectively help strengthen HR practices in their organizations and 2) the connection and on-going communication between WI SHRM and the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) to collaborate on workforce readiness initiatives and establish the link with the state council, HR and businesses at the local level.

    “Our state council is honored to receive the highest award level for the first time. I am proud of this incredible team of talented and passionate HR professionals who worked together last year to accomplish a great number of things. Our chapter and council leaders focused on initiatives that added value and made an impact on the HR profession” stated Kellie Dunn-Poggemann, 2012 WI SHRM State Director.

    More information on the WI SHRM State Council can be found on its website at

    The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest association devoted to human resource management. Representing more than 250,000 members in over 140 countries, the Society serves the needs of HR professionals and advances the interests of the HR profession. Founded in 1948, SHRM has more than 575 affiliated chapters within the United States and subsidiary offices in China, India and United Arab Emirates.

    The WI SHRM State Council receives a Certificate of Recognition, a specialized banner to display at its meetings and events, and is being recognized in SHRM’s publications and at its conferences.